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Finding the right college later requires you to find the right answers now. As you explore our website and look for the right options for you and your family, we wanted to curate some specific answers for you. We are here to bring the best and most relevant information for you and your family as you make your selection. These are the most frequently asked questions that many families ask before they make their choice.

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Follow this link to select the right plan for you. There are three different options available, depending on what your needs are. If you have a question about a unique case or circumstance, please feel free to contact us.

This course is for students and family members who will be supporting those students in their application process. Ideally, the Find the Right College process would be followed by both the student and a parent as a way to ensure that (a) everyone is up to speed on what is needed and what is expected and (b) a way to spend some more time as a family before the student’s departure to college.

Ideally, a student should start preparing for college on day one of high school. But we all know that long term goals and thinking can be a difficult sell to teenagers. As such, our recommendation is to begin toward the end of a student’s sophomore year and beginning of their junior year. That isn’t to say that a student couldn’t start later and still succeed, but rather that the earlier the process begins, the more likely you are to get your desired college outcome.

The average timeframe for use of the Find the Right College system is a 4-6 month period. It takes time to get through everything and to do it correctly. With the monthly subscription, you can gain access to relevant information and cancel anytime. Whereas it’s possible to go through the course in a single month, rushing this process directly undercuts your likelihood of success with the Find the Right College system. The longer you are a member of Find the Right College, the better-prepared you and your family will be for the college application process.

The Expert Forum is where members will have expanded access to a multitude of additional material. Chiefly, you will be able to ask questions and see other people’s questions posted that you might not even think to ask. This might just help if you’re in a unique situation or if you just like the more personalized touch that the forum will bring. Additional content will also come in the form of special Question and Answer sessions with active and experienced college admissions counselors, guides and other experts.

There are three membership tiers of the Find the Right College system. In short, they are arranged by the various degree of personalized options that you might need. Some people will be just fine using the course and will still find a college that will be right for them. The various tiers above this are related to additional needs and questions that people might have beyond just the course environment, handouts, videos and customer support. Follow this link to see more details and select the right membership tier for you.

We absolutely offer that! In fact, the premium tier incorporates several hours of one-on-one help with the option to claim more. The course is the information that is universally helpful and this option allows you to get all of the information you would from a dozen hours of one-on-one counseling without paying five-figure sums.

Each membership tier includes at its core 16 instructional videos, 6 downloadable tools to help with specific tasks like writing your admissions essays, putting together a resume, and a host of other incredibly helpful aspects of your college application process.

Find the Right College is a course and system developed by Dr. Nicole Cook. Her extensive experience in the field of college admissions counseling gave her the ability to help dozens of students find the right college for them. Her personal touch is present in what she brings to every session within the course and she takes special care to ensure that every piece is in the right place. For more, please read her bio here.

Dr. Cook put this course together because she realized that there was an ocean of information online with most of it being of poor quality and in some cases even predatory. With this in mind, she took her skills and developed a program that would cut through the erroneous noise that gets in the way of applicants getting into the college that is right for them. No two schools are alike, and each one will cater to different people’s needs in different ways. Then, by creating Find the Right College online, she made it possible to reach thousands more, helping even more students move into the next phase in their academic lives.

Find the Right College was founded for families to be able to ascertain the right college for the right applicant. As such, we do not advertise products and services for a profit motive. If we are recommending something, it isn’t recommended because we are being compensated, rather we recommend it because we truly and honestly believe that this membership will make a difference in your journey. We take the trust placed in us very seriously and would never do anything to jeopardize the faith that all of our amazing clients have placed in us.

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