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9 Reasons to Get Started Early; You’ll Thank Yourself Later

When frustrated by families dragging their feet to start their college search, my good friend likes to say, “Get started early. You’ll thank yourself later.

Despite the wisdom of this declaration, he makes it tongue in cheek. As a parent himself, he understands the challenges of having multiple kids attending different schools, playing different sports, and dragging their feet to plan anything more than 2 days in advance.

You can likely relate to those challenges too, so I’m using this blog to make plain the big advantages of starting your college search early.

  • Teens aren’t always easy to engage in conversations. (I know, I have one at home.) Give yourself more time to find moments when they are open to communicating.
  • Earlier college conversations set the expectation that you want your child to attend college and understand the value of higher education.
  • You can consider a broader set of colleges. Remember, our College Map allows you to search and filter 2,000+ colleges and universities in the U.S. By getting too focused on just one school, students might be devastated if they don’t get in or almost as upset if that college comes back with a less than appealing financial aid package.
  • You’ll be able to visit more campuses. Students who attend colleges they visited are more likely to graduate. An early start will also help you spread out your travel costs and return to your top choice colleges. Those return trips should include more activities on campus.
  • Keeping college in mind when choosing class schedules can help you avoid curriculum mistakes that hamper your chances for college admission and could have been avoided.
  • Getting to know your School Counselor and Advisor early in high school helps when application “crunch time” arrives.
  • Learning from students/siblings going through the process one or two years earlier can be invaluable, because they are coming from your same place in life. Learn from their research and mistakes!
  • Give your children more time to improve their standardized test scores. Almost all students’ scores go up when they take the test a second and third time. Starting early will give you more time to find the test that suits you best, get those tests scheduled and practice for those tests!
  • Applying early in the fall of senior year tends to help your chances for admissions and for receiving financial aid, so you need to be ready to complete complicated applications and financial aid forms at the start of senior year.

Taking the “long view” of the process, I circle back to my favorite comment for students starting high school. It highlights the benefits of starting your college search conversations early, and – oftentimes – it motivates them to recognize the tangible benefits of working harder. I like to say, “The better you do academically, the more choices you will have. And everyone likes to have more choices, don’t you?”